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Printola merchant - how it works

How it works?

Step 1: Once registered, login to merchant dashboard.

Step 1: Login Into Dashboard

After successful store registration, login to your account and set the available printing services, price list and other details.

Step 2: Receive Orders

Start receiving print orders from customers around your store’s location.

Step 2: Receive orders
Step 3: Print files

Step 3: Print

Once accepted, print the files as per order details.

Step 4: Order Completion

Once order is ready, mark the order as ‘complete’ and we will notify the customer that order is ready for pickup.

Step 4: Order completion
Step 5: Deliver the order

Step 5: Order Delivery

Enter the One Time Password (OTP) provided by the customer to deliver the printouts directly to the customer.

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  • – How will customers know about my store?
    A – When you login to your dashboard, your store will automatically show up to customers in your area. Make sure your store timings are set correctly.
  • – What file types are compatible?
    – Only PDF file type is currently supported. Other file types will be included soon.
  • Q – Is there option for customer to pay cash?
    A – No, all payments are online payments.
  • Q – How will I be notified of the new orders?
    A – Once logged into your dashboard, you’ll receive browser notifications for every new order (Ensure browsers notifications for https://m.printola.in:443 are enabled in browser settings). Optionally, you can enable to receive SMS notifications from the settings.
  • Q – What if I’m unable to print order or one of the files due to technical or other issues?
    A – Simply mark the order / file as ‘incomplete’ and we will refund the amount paid for the order / file back to customer.
  • Q – How long can I keep the order waiting before accepting or rejecting?
    A – You can take up to 15 minutes to accept or reject an order. After which the order will be cancelled and amount will be refunded back to customer.
  • Q – Who sets the prices for orders?
    A – All prices are set by you. You can change the prices whenever required.
  • Q – How do I change the prices?
    A – You can edit the prices from the settings. See our video on how to change the prices here. Ensure all prices are set for PER SIDE of printing.
  • Q – I offer discount for bulk order, can I do this on Printola?
    A – Yes, you can set discounted prices for orders with more than a certain number of pages.
  • Q – I also offer spiral and other binding types, can I do this on Printola?
    A – Yes, you can set prices for lamination, spiral binding and project binding.
  • Q – I charge different price for colour printouts based on the content, can I do this on Printola?
    A – Currently, we do not support different prices for colour printouts. We are working on a feature to address this issue.
  • Q – How will new customers know where my store is?
    A – We mark your store on the map during registration, new customers can view your store’s exact location on the map.
  • Q – Is there facility for me to display my store’s business hours?
    A – Yes, you can set your store’s opening and closing time. See our video on how to set store timings, here.
  • Q – My store is closed during lunch hour, can I display the same?
    A – We are currently working to address this. Meanwhile, you can logout of your dashboard and login after your lunch hour.
  • Q – Can I change the store details like name of the store, address or location?
    A – No, these details are set by us during registration. Please contact us at merchant@printola.in or call / whatsapp us on merchant support (+91) 9900-730-906 to change any details.
  • Q – How will I get payed?
    A – Similar to Swiggy or Zomato, we will collect the order amount from customer and deposit the amount to your bank account. Payments will be made every Tuesday or upon request. (We are working to automate payments so you receive it on daily basis).
  • Q – To which account will the payments be made?
    A – Payment will be made to the bank account details provided at the time of registration.
  • Q – Can I change the bank account details?
    A – Yes, you can change the bank account details (A/c holder name, number, type and IFSC) from the account section.
  • Q – Is there any service charge for using Printola?
    A – For our first few stores, we are providing our services FREE OF CHARGE, forever (no hidden costs).
  • Q – Will I receive an invoice or receipt of payouts?
    A – Yes, everytime we make a payment, you will receive the receipt of the same on registered email address.
  • Q – There is a difference in amount deposited in my bank account, what can I do?
    – Usually, this doesn’t happen. But in the rare instance it does happen, reach out to our friendly merchant support team and we’ll promptly check the details and pay any difference found.
  • Q – How do I register my store?
    A – You can register your store here. Our merchant representative will contact you shortly after.
  • Q – Why is store visit required and how long will it take?
    A – Our representative will visit your store to help you with registration and give a demo. Site visit also helps us ensure the quality of the services provided.
    We usually visit the store within 0-2 days and take about an hour including demo. 
  • Q – What documents are required for registration?
    A – ATLEAST ONE proof of business like registration certificate, tax receipt, GSTIN registration certificate. Also, keep bank account details handy.
Become a merchant today and start receiving orders!

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